Updated April 22, 2021.

Only one family household may occupy each site, with a maximum of 6 people per site. Continue to physically distance yourselves and do not gather in groups of more than 10 people on your site or throughout the campground. Visitors must always register at the office upon arrival.

By making a reservation with us, you are agreeing to follow all guest safety procedures included on this page. Please see the What Can YOU Do? section.

What local attractions are open?

Take this opportunity to enjoy some time in nature! We suggest you call first to make sure they are still open to the public before you trek out there.

How are we responding?

We prefer all interactions to be done over the phone.

  • Call our Office phone (513) 932-2267 if you have any other questions. You may have to leave a message and please be patient for response.

What's Different?

Per CDC guidelines in adhering to Social Distancing:  

  • Only one family household may occupy each site, with a maximum of 6 people per campsite. 
  • Guests must all be registered at the office upon arrival. Day passes $5/person and must leave by 10PM. Overnight passes are an additional $10 for the vehicle parking pass due to limited parking areas. 

Checking In

We are implementing an express “contactless” check-in system.

  • Please make your reservation online or over the phone. All reservations are to be paid by credit card (no cash or checks at this time) in full, up front, at the time of making the reservation.
  • We will create a welcome packet for you including car passes and a site map showing how to get to your assigned site.
  • The packet will be waiting for you upon your arrival, attached to our information board across the driveway from the office.
  • Please, do not park in any empty sites. An empty site is a potentially rented site, so please park at your designated site marked on your sitemap.
  • It is no longer necessary to come to the office to check in, but the store is open for browsing (2 people at a time).

Getting Firewood

  • Firewood is self-serve from the front porch of the office for $6 a bundle.
  • Text us at (513) 760-4788 your name, site number and how many bundles of firewood you’re picking up.
  • We can add this to your account and you will be charged (to the card you made your reservation with) for all purchases upon checkout and sent an email receipt.

Safe Activities While You're Here

Despite the restrictions, there’s still plenty to look forward to while you’re here!

  • The pool will be open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend (weather permitting).
  • We also have a catch-and-release fishing lake and we have walking trails through the woods that you can enjoy.
  • While you’re out, stop by the office window and ask us for a scavenger hunt!
  • For more, please see below: What amenities are available? and What local attractions are open?


If anything changes, the first thing we do is update this page. We’ll keep monitoring the situation and make changes as needed.

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Other Questions

Do I need to wear a mask?

Ohio has lifted the mask order, so we are no longer requiring people to wear them, but please do continue to social distance while in the office, laundry facility, shower house and pool deck

How are we cleaning the facilities that are open?


We will all need to work together on the cleanliness of the laundry facility. With your help by cleaning up after yourself EVERY time you use the laundry facility, and with us cleaning all surfaces by sanitizing twice daily, we are hoping to be able to keep the laundry open for you.  

There is a 2-person max occupancy inside the laundry facility.

Please WEAR A MASK and practice social distancing while in the laundry facility.



As with the laundry facility, we all need to work together to keep the restrooms clean too. We will be sanitizing all surfaces twice daily. Please clean up after yourself before you exit.

There is a 2-person max occupancy inside the restroom/shower house.

Please WEAR A MASK and practice social distancing while inside the restroom/shower house.

What amenities are available?

  • We have a catch-and-release fishing lake. Please practice social distancing here.
  • We have a walking trail through the woods.
  • Our pool will be open Memorial Day Weekend-Labor Day Weekend. There is currently a max occupancy of 10 people inside the pool gates. Please practice safe distancing and DO NOT SHARE goggles/snorkels/etc.
  • The playground and basketball court is OPEN. BYO Basketball.

Download our Scavenger Hunt PDF

What can YOU do?

Visit this link:  https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/downloads/2019-ncov-factsheet.pdf

Stay informed about Ohio: https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/

By making a reservation with us, you are agreeing to follow all guest safety procedures below:

  • Please stay home if you do not feel well, or have been in contact with someone who does not feel well.
  • Throughout the entire campground practice social distancing – keep a 6 ft. distance between yourself and others. Avoid gatherings of 10 people or more.
  • Make sure anyone visiting you in the campground is registered at the front office with a day pass.
  • Keep washing your hands frequently! 30 seconds or more is the most effective, so soap up and try singing Happy Birthday to yourself twice as you’re scrubbing. 
  • Wear a mask when interacting with others or entering buildings. This includes coming to the office window and inside the laundry facility.
  • If you are camping here, please text (513) 760-4788 to order something from the store and we will be happy to arrange for you to get the items you need. We will need to know your last name, site number and confirm the card we have on file for you.
  • If you need to use the laundry room, there will be spray and wipes for you to sanitize the surfaces you touch before/after you use them.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask about our methods. We are actively monitoring for updates from the CDC and adhering to their recommendations for our industry. We feel comfortable being transparent and we’d like to keep communication lines open as we are all in this together.

If anything changes, we’ll be updating THIS PAGE, posting on Facebook and sending emails and/or texts to those who have reservations. We’ll keep monitoring the situation and keep you informed.