The intent of having these rules is to establish a system whereby, despite close camping conditions, all within the Campground may enjoy their site and the campground amenities in a safe, peaceful, and responsible manner.

  • Check in/ Check out: Check-in time is 1:00 pm. Check-out time is 12:00 noon. Please leave your site clean for the next resident and report any problems with the site, to Campground Office personnel.
  • Pets: Two well-behaved pets are allowed per site. All pets must be on a leash and supervised. WE WISH THAT WE DIDN”T HAVE TO ADD THIS, BUT, Cleaning up after your pet is MANDATORY. Dog breeds that are restricted are: Rottweiler, Doberman, Pitt Bull, (or any mix thereof). Due to the Board of Health, and insurance guidelines, pets are not allowed in any public building at the campground or inside the pool area.
  • Speed Limit: The campground speed limit is 5 miles per hour. Be alert and watch for children. Follow signs and be aware of One-Way Streets. After dark, lights are required on all moving vehicles including golf carts. Because we want all campers to be safe, speeders may be evicted from the campground without a refund.
  • Visitors: All visitors must register at the office and will need a car pass upon arrival. All campground visitors shall also comply with all campground rules. The host tenants are responsible for their guests. All persons causing a disturbance or being a nuisance may be required to vacate the campground.
  • Vehicle Parking: In order to preserve a clean and well maintained campground, each site is initially allowed 1 vehicle in addition to your unit. Please register any additional vehicles at the office upon arrival. No parking on any grass unless approved by management. Try not to make ruts. Any intentional damage to the property will be your responsibility.
  • Being A Good Neighbor: It’s important that we respect our neighbors. Please do not cross neighboring sites on foot or in a vehicle without prior permission. Quiet Time is from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am.
  • Children’s Safety: All under the age of 18 shall be at their campsite by 10:00 pm, unless accompanied by their parent or a responsible adult. Parents must accompany their children around the lake, at the pool, in the shower/bathrooms, and any other public building on the premises.
  • Pool: The swimming pool will be open daily during office hours, in season – weather permitting. There will be No Lifeguard On Duty. Swim at your own risk. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. No glass or food will be allowed in the pool area. Please, no smoking within 25 feet of the pool. There will be no personal pools allowed on any individual campsite.
  • Fishing: Our Lake is here for the enjoyment of all campers staying at Olive Branch Campground now and in the future. It is stocked periodically for a fun time fishing, so please respect the catch and release of all fish you catch so we can continue to offer this activity. For the good of the environment, and our lake’s pumps and aerators, always discard any broken fishing lines, debris, etc. in the proper trash receptacles.
  • Fires: Please do not move fire rings without approval from management. They are placed strategically in the best and safest location per site. Fires are allowed only in grills and fire rings.
  • Firearms and Safety: Firearms, firecrackers, and / or explosives are not allowed to be used or practiced with anywhere on the premises.
  • Alcoholic Beverages: Are permitted only at your campsite. No abusive or belligerent or loud activity will be allowed.
  • Cleanliness: Help from everyone is appreciated in keeping this campground clean and beautiful and an inviting place to come and stay. Be respectful to your neighbors and other campers by cleaning up after yourself and your children in the Shower House, Bathrooms, Laundry Facility, and Pool. This being said, please dispose of cigarette butts properly in a garbage receptacle. Dumpsters are located in convenient locations in the campground for the disposal of all garbage.
  • Washing of Vehicles and Rigs: Motor Homes, Travel Trailers, and 5th Wheels may be washed on dry days at your site for a $20.00 fee. Cars, trucks, and golf carts may be washed for a $5.00 fee. Please pay the fee, prior to washing, in the Office.
  • Mail: Outgoing and incoming mail, including package deliveries, are handled by the office. Please inquire during office hours.

We appreciate your cooperation with us in maintaining a welcoming and safe family-camping atmosphere.
Thank You for staying at Olive Branch Campground! We look forward to seeing you again soon!